Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank you! Thank you!

Someone's getting a cake....and someone's getting some great pictures!! The two auctions are now closed. You can still get Pampered Chef though!
Thanks so much!
You can still donate. A new auction is starting November 2nd.
In the comfort of my home everyday I can only imagine spending so much time in the hospital as the Skinners have had too! They still have quite a ways to go, let's not forget that! My prayer is that they can soon lead a normal life outside of the hospital.
Thanks again!

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Dan and Lora said...

Hey lisha, It's Lora... I am putting together the Peterson family Christmas party and I would love to have you do a cake for it! Of coarse I would pay you... I would imagine we would need a pretty large cake! :) If you would please come up with a design and let me know! Thanks doll!